Rubik Cube Universal Solution

 Is Universal solution of Rubik cube possible? 

Rubik Cube Universal Solution

 I am solving rubik cube more than 3 years. I have already learnt different types of solving techniques like edge first, corner first method, Sexy method, one hand method, zz method, Cfop method , block building method for quite long time. 

Recently I have found few videos on various social media platforms like Facebook, youtube, twitter etc , claiming various algorithms as universal solution.  Repeatedly doing  these algorithm , they claim that the initial  stage of the cube may be recovered i.e, the ultimate solution is possible. 

I found most of these algorithms as pre defined or predetermined stages. Suppose you have scrambled a cube with a proper algorithm written on a paper , then when you are making the video you just need to make the reverse algorithms which will eventually solve to the initial stage. 

The fact is that if you scramble it randomly the cube can not be solved by this algorithms. Only the supercomputer can process the data and make the minimum no of moves to solve the same which is known as the God number in Rubik  Cube. The no of moves is near about 20. But everytime you scramble it randomly you will get different god Algorithm. 

You can also show some magics using the blindfold corner tricks and edge solving algorithms. By making the moves quite longer. People who do not know about the blindfold tricks will never understand what is happening and eventually come to the conclusion that a 'Universal ' solution exist. 

You can also learn some rubik cube specific pattern algorithms and make funny videos demonstrating these as universal algorithm to fool the people who are not associated with this. But the cubers knows it very well that it is not possible to solve the rubik cube with a universal solution. If it is discovered some day it may take a time which may not be solvable in your lifetime. 

In conclusion I can say that the universal solution of Rubik cube is not possible. You can make only fool people by some tricky algorithms but not get the algorithm ever. 

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